Everyone likes to get up and sing along with the band but not everyone gets a chance.  Cross a live band with Karaoke and you come up with Bandaoke. Now you, your guests and colleagues can all get involved in a fun event and be the front man or woman of the band.

Front Page News provide an opportunity to sing along with a live band.  Move like Jagger or wow like Adele.  Liven up your party or function with a live Bandaoke.  Get people involved in a night that is fun for everyone and those who take part will never forget.

  • Parties
  • Staff Parties
  • Corporate functions
  • Special Celebrations
  • Great fun for the participants

We will provide the song lists, the lyrics, the guidance and the equipment  - you provide the vocal chords and the enthusiasm and watch the party atmosphere grow.

The band will start the event with a few songs to get the mood going whilst the guests have a chance to choose their song.  After that anything can happen but generally it will be great fun.

Contact us to arrange your event, party or function.